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Walker Tote Bags are fashionable and functional–
the perfect mobility accessory

Say goodbye to easily torn plastic grocery bags tied to the walker!
Our bags are durable and also work on most rail systems: on a hospital bed, shopping cart, baby stroller,
and on the arm of some wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Our styles work well for Men or Women – there are many fabric choices
Walker Totes – roomy enough to hold a small purse, magazine, glasses and cell phone
Walker Pockets – particularly popular with men (1 large pocket on one side will hold a book or magazine,
and 2 pockets on the other side could hold a choice of beverage, eyeglasses, cell phone, pen, etc.)
Please browse through our catalog and choose one of our designer bags or ask us to design a bag especially for you or a loved one.
Some fabric choices work equally well for men or women.
Many of the Walker Pockets were created with both audiences in mind.
For your safety, when used on a walker we suggest that you limit the weight in the bag to 5lbs. An overweight bag can tip the walker over,
and extra weight may create difficulty in walking.

Handmade with Heart in the USA, so you or your loved one’s personality soars like a butterfly!